Nike Dunk Low SP Syracuse (2020)

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耐克通过发布耐克扣篮低 SP 锡拉丘兹 (2020) 来庆祝耐克扣篮 35 周年,耐克扣篮作为 1985 年耐克学院颜色计划的一部分首次亮相,该计划提供 12 个流行篮球项目的学校颜色鞋,让球迷从头到脚支持他们最喜欢的球队。这种锡拉丘兹配色是耐克发布的第一批大学配色之一,打破了篮球鞋配色的模式。

这款 Nike Dunk Low SP 由白色皮革鞋面和橙色火焰皮革覆盖层组成。白色中底、橙色外底和鞋舌上的经典耐克品牌完善了设计。

2 reviews for Nike Dunk Low SP Syracuse (2020)

  1. Avatar of Kristi Millar

    Kristi Millar (verified owner)

    I bought these for my oldest son. He does a lot of walking. The bottom of his shoes wear out so fast, but these ones stood up very well. I’ll stick with this brand. There has been no wearing down or holes from the friction with sidewalks.

  2. Avatar of Hawaii Man

    Hawaii Man

    Fits perfect, very comfortable and does great for runs!!

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