Nike Air Fear of God 1 String The Question

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杰瑞·洛伦佐向 NBA 名人堂成员和时尚偶像艾伦·艾弗森致敬与耐克空气敬畏上帝 1 字符串“问题”,这个廓形从艾伦艾弗森标志性的锐步问题篮球鞋中汲取灵感,在设计中实现了对比鲜明的脚趾盒面板。

这款敬畏上帝 1 由黑色网眼和绳子绒面革鞋面组成。橡胶笼式蕾丝单元、Nike Air 单元和后跟拉链完善了设计。


1 review for Nike Air Fear of God 1 String The Question

  1. Avatar of cynthia mcdermott

    cynthia mcdermott (verified owner)

    These are the most comfortable shoes ever. I hike and run a trail regularly and have gone through several hiking and running shoes over the years. I bought these cuz I liked the look then bought a back up pair after I wore them for the first time and recently rotated them in to my run/hike. Better than shoes comfort insets for running. Love them!

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