How to Buy Replica Sneakers

How to Buy Replica Sneakers

Did you know that Americans spent over $100 billion dollars on shoes last year? It seems like a lot until you consider that the average pair of designer Jordan sneakers costs about $600.

If you’ve been shoe shopping lately, you probably noticed the shockingly high prices. There’s a solution to the exorbitant price of designer shoes: Rep shoes.

Continue reading below to learn more about replica shoes, what they are, the benefits, and how to buy rep sneakers.

What are Replica Shoes?

Reps or replica shoes are high-end clones of an original sneaker. Unlike low-end knock-off sneakers, Reps are made with identical materials, the same leather and nylons as the original shoes.

Reps are also made to meet the same standards as the original, often in the same countries and factories.

In other words, reps imitate an original shoe design. In many cases, they are so close to the authentic versions that even savvy consumers cannot tell the difference.

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Why Buy Rep Sneakers

You might be asking yourself, why wouldn’t I just buy the original, authentic thing? Here are a few reasons to buy replica sneakers.


It’s hard to justify paying for a brand name. When it comes to this, you end up paying more for a label, not necessarily for quality. Reps are virtually the same shoe but for a much more affordable price. With rep sneakers, you can look the part without breaking the bank.


Rep shoes are more versatile than expensive designer shoes. Sometimes consumers won’t even wear their designer shoes for fear of creasing them or scuffing them up. Shoes are meant to be worn and enjoyed. With rep sneakers, you won’t feel bad showing off your shoes.


If you know where to shop, rep sneakers are just as high-quality as designer shoes. If you get custom-made rep sneakers or find a hand-crafted pair, you can guarantee you’re getting a high-quality shoe that will last a long time. In some cases, it may even last longer than an authentic shoe would.

How to Buy Rep Sneakers

As with any purchase, it’s important to do some research before you buy. Not all replica shoes are made the same. If you want high-quality reps, use the following do’s and don’ts when buying replica sneakers.


● Know what style and brand you want

● Go straight to the manufacturer

● Research the wholesale supplier (read about us sections or watch youtube videos)

● Read reviews


● Buy from any random rep supplier

● Trust a company that doesn’t have good reviews.

● Give credit card or other information

● Trust Facebook or craigslist ads

Getting Started

Instead of spending an arm and leg for a pair of shoes, buy rep sneakers. Replica shoes are close imitations of designer shoes. They are more affordable, more versatile, and still high-quality.

Remember to do some research before you buy and look for a trustworthy and well-reviewed manufacturer. If you have any other questions before you buy, contact the professionals at Chan Sneakers.

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